Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have the pleasure of presenting Lyrique Augusta from My Precious Agnes Finney.

Captivating, poetic and romantic are a few words to describe Lyrique Augusta. As if from the lines of a poem or verses of an opera. I find this hair to be very elegant and soft and it comes in 15 colors to give a great variety.

Natural Blond




Lyrique Augusta is the perfect hair to wear if you want to feel elegant and feminine. Take some time and visit the store and try the demos. You will not be disappointed

Friday, January 21, 2011


Scrool's is a new store with fun, unique clothing designed with the artistic flair of Neyza Zahm. I was curious about the name of the store so I asked the designer. She said, "A great person I met once told me that I could start thinking about creating my own brand and using it wisely. That person gave me strength to believe in my work so I created a style without a name. I asked her to help me out with a name and she naturally said SCROOL. This was with no meaning and mysterious, simple and sounds good. I accepted her creativity because I trusted her from the beginning."

Neyza considers her design style as simple, cute with nice textures and mixing colors to do art.

Winter Dress Red

Primavera Dress

Unusual Outfit Red

Neyza is hoping to have a fashion show of her designs in the near future. Take some time and go check out Scrool's for some hip, fun fashions.

Monday, January 17, 2011


The ProPoser hunt is in full swing and let me tell you we have some talented pose makers in SL. Below is a brief preview of hunt items!
Oh and I had a little help from Nox Deigan with some of my pictures. Take a look below!!

Perla and Nox :-) He was such a trooper!
This pose is from PS PoseWorks

Di's Opera

I have some great model poses from this shop!

Wow I did not realize Nox was so flexible..hahahaha
Equilibrium Pose from Essential Poses

This is also the starting point for the hunt!

More to come later as this hunt is soo fun and I have more to post. ProPosers will run from January 15th to February 15th.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Designer Showcase/Interview with soraya Vaher

I am starting off 2011 with an interview with designer extraordinaire soraya Vaher, owner and designer of Violator. Words to describe her, Daring, Trendsetter, Mysterious. Below is a brief conversation that I had with soraya.

Perla :  When I step into your store its exhilarating. I think goth, avant garde, surreal, haute couture,erotic, forbidden and more.

I must say when i saw the My Fetish piece of jewelry some naughty thoughts went threw my mind. Perfect piece of jewelry for me. laughs

What was your inspiration for Lady of the Wolves? I see that as an outfit that an Alpha lycan queen to wear when she is commanding her pack. ( I do a lot of role play on combat sims as a lycan/vampire hybrid)

soraya:  In my mind she is the lady who submits and commands the beast, you can see it as metaphor. The beast can be herself or something different from herself.

The grace of the flower hat (especially the red version) reminds me far reminiscences of old fairy tales like "Little Red Riding Hood". the hat could be interpreted as both: a graceful flower hood and on the contrary an avant interpretation of a wolf`s fur as well.

The composed elegance of the dress, the simplicity of the texture, the hat´s veils surrounding the face giving depth and relevance to the face and the mysterious look make this lady enigmatic, and avantgarde but at the same time mythical, mystical monastic and powerful.
Whet ever she may be a dark wolf or a beauty hidden in the forest ... she just commands

Perla:  .Do you have a favorite piece of work?

soraya: I have some favorites but the preference changes with the time.

After all my creations are all part of me representing different aspects of my own personality.

Perla: Describe your style in a few words and what comes to mind when you create your clothing.

soraya:  Haute Couture, symbiotic, hybrid, elegant, decadent, abrupt

That depends... sometimes violence, sometimes pain, sometimes just an echo of a dream I have done, sometimes a reminiscence of a movie or a book i enjoyed, sometimes a mood.
Sometimes a new direction i want to take and reinterpret to be unique. There is a basic elegance in my thoughts. When i create something.. it must be elegant, it must be haute, it must be unique and somehow eclectic.

Perla: Do you have any shows coming up soon?

soraya: Surprise...
Perla:  Okay a couple of random questions about soraya.

What is your favorite color? Favorite food?

soraya:  black/ prosciutto crudo di Parma
Perla:  Who is your favorite RL designer?

soraya:  Versace of the 90´s and Jean Paul Gaultier
Perla:  Are you in love? smiles
soraya:  Yes, with myself!

If you want to visit a store full of couture, elegant and much more then visit Violator.
Lady of the Wolves modeled by Perla Rae , photo by Luvi Unplugged

Wearing Eye of the Moon makeup by soraya

Wearing The Edge Hair in Black and Voyeur makeup and lashes by soraya

Wearing Amen hair in black and "I See You II" lashes and shadow by soraya

Coming in 2011, Where will Perla Rae be? Well you will have to read to find out.:-)  There will be more interviews, daring destinations visited and less inhibition !!!