Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vanity Hud by Avion

I am always looking for new products and huds to make things easier when I am getting dressed. Well I stumbled upon the Vanity Hud that is a cosmetic tool allowing users  to customize their mascara, hair dye, face lighting and many other items. All of this can be done at the push of a all I can say. This is a very innovative product and below are a couple of pictures I took of me just changing my mascara. There will be future posts as I start experimenting with the other features.

Here is the landmark to the Avion Cosmetics HQ. Go take a look at all that this hud can do. There will be a lot of buzz around this product in the coming weeks during the promotional campaign.  Of course my pictures are raw and unedited as I wanted to take a couple of quick snapshots.

Wonder what Perla Rae will be up to next? Stay tuned for more news of the places I visit , my thoughts on a variety of subjects a few contests and surprises.

Avion Cosmetics HQ

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Midi's Grand Opening Party

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Midi's Fashion Boutiques and it was great. Great  music,, great gifts and sexy models. Please go and check out her boutique when you get a chance and I promise you wont be disappointed.

Here is a Picture of Midi and Giselle looking sexy as ever! Work it Ladies.!!

Congrats to the Winner of Guess the Hair!!

Terrilynn Carami sent the answer to the question " Where did I purchase the hair in the below picture? The answer was Kyoko's Hair Shop at White Well. She won 100L as promised and I plan to have more of these contests in the future.
My intent is for this to be a blog about my adventures in SL and to share some of my experiences as well of places of interests. I did previously have a blog 2 years ago titled  ":Online Love and Relationships" and actually still have people responding to my old posts. Hahahaha.. Well I will be writing an article in an upcoming Second Life magazine on this topic so keep your eyes open.
Ahh now my mind is drifting off to the thought of love. :-)
Congrats again

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can you guess where this hair was purchased?

Ok, I am going through my inventory and looking at all of the fabulous hair that I have. So many talented designers.Taking a sip of ouzo.woww so powerful, I decided to do a little contest. Below is a picture of me wearing hair from a designer. The first person to IM me with the name of the hair and the name of the shop gets 100L. Woot. easy money.I will give a little hint. The name of the store begins with "W: and not Waka and Yuki.
Good Luck!!

Precious Dragons??

Ok I am always looking for new ventures and new pets so I decided to pick up a starter kit on the new Precious Dragon pets. Sighs,what have I gotten myself  into. As if Ozimal bunnies aren't enough. I will keep everyone posted on how my dragon family acclimates or rather how I acclimate.

Custom Skins At The Powder Room

On Monday I had an itch in my pocket to spend some of my Lindens and decided to visit Maritima, Inc Sim for a bit of shopping therapy. The mall is wonderful, has nice shops and great designers.
At the time I was looking to get a custom skin made and visited the Powder Room and had the pleasure of meeting Fleur Orchid. I explained in detail my request for my custom skin and she was very helpful and had my skins ready in 24 hours. Woww..Woowww..Take a look at the pictures below of my 2 new skins!

Fleur is fabulous and very professional. If you are looking for a custom skin then pop into her store and she will hook you up !

Here is the link to her store Powder Room and also Maritima, Inc. Wonderful shops, nice atomosphere and awswome designers.

Monday, August 9, 2010

About My Blog

I have been blogging for a few years and have done some freelance writing for a couple of magazines in Second Life so I am not new to writing. Previously I maintained a blog on the pros and cons of online relationships and dating. The basis of this blog is to take the readers on journeys with me throughout Second Life and share my experiences. Ciao for now and more to come soon !!

Shopping for Shoe!!

Today a friend of mine asked me where to get some nice high heel shoes and as I looked through my inventory I came across VVB Shoes. It had been about a year since I visited her store so decided to pop in and Wowww Wowww. She has a lot of new designs and heels from 5" to 11 inches. The shoes have menus to change colors and are reasonably priced. Come and check it out and I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Here is a couple of pictures of me wearing the shoes. And no I am not a photographer. LOL..

Shoe Shoes Shoes

Okay I have not posted for a long time due to real life etc etc.Today I was inclined to post about VVB shoes. A friend of mine asked me where to get some nice stiletto shoes and we paid a visit to VVB. And all I will say is Woww..Wowww..She has lots of new shoes in a variety of colors and styles. Come check this place our and see for your self. Kudos to the designer.