Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smitten by Evolve

I am truly SMITTEN. Yes smitten with the dress from designer Reign Congrejo from Evolve. This  dress has me infatuated and I feel beautiful and sexy. The colors are vibrant. Is it possible to be in love with a dress? Well you guys will probably see me in this ensemble for about 3 days. And to top it off  I am wearing Mary Jane Shoes in Flirty Pink that are iridescent, Finesmith Nails in Rave Purple and Finesmith earrings from the O collection!!!! Oh and I must not forget the hair Eden from Vanity!!..

Please check out this dress and you might become Smitten too!!..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Jean Skin and Shape
Skins oh My! I love skins and there are so many talented skin designers in SL. Today I will be featuring LaCrima Skins from Sarai Saphir.

Her skins comes in 4 different body colors from light to tan. The skin has a soft flawless look to it and the details are great. I am specifically trying "Jean" skin today.

Jean comes with 10 different make up variations, + 10 Lip Tattoos, +1 Eyebrow Tattoo, a beautiful Dress and with every skin you get the Bodyshape Jean ( copy and mod.), 4 different Hairbase Tattoos (black, brown, red and blonde), Bodylight soft and the Baldbase. You get all of this in one pack of skin. Wowwww..
You have got to pay a visit to her shop to see what you are missing!!

Jean Skin Light Pack

Chic y Miccy outfit that comes with skin pack

I plan to go back again to check out her newest releases!!

Where In SL Is Perla Rae Now? Its a Secret..hahahaha. Stay tuned !! Oh please take a look at the video in the upper right hand corner!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


I had the honor of reviewing the Threaded Bare Lace Gown from Mohna Lisa Couture and my first impression was "Elegant,Exquisite and Enchanting" This gown is threaded with lace and silk and made me feel sexy. If I walked into a room the men and women would all pause!
Of course I adorned my feet with Mary Jane Shoes, Adorable in Black that can also be purchased in the store.
Women, if you want to feel sexy and have the soft fabrics embrace your skin then please check out the collections at Mohna Lisa Couture. Also there are Mary Jane Shoes to match practically every outfit on the 2nd floor of the store.
You will not be disappointed!!

Where will Perla be next? A brief hint. designer interview, skins, jewelry and surprise sims!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Colby Pevensey for a chit chat. As always I was curious as to what Colby has been up to the past few months so I wanted to share a bit of our conversation.

Perla:  Well how has Colby Pevensey been this past year?

Colby:  Haha. Wow, a whole year? That question makes my head spin. A lot happens to us all in second life over the course of a year, and certainly I have seen my share. I have had experiences over that year that will forever be branded into my memory...some great, and some not so great. The best thing we can do as citizens of our community is to learn from each encounter and absorb what you can from them. Suffice it to say, that I am glad to usher in a new year and have never been happier in my second life.

Perla:  What projects are you working on right now?

Colby: Thank you for asking. Over the past six months, I have enjoyed a low key experience of creating the OnEdge Radio Internet radio stream. What joy it has been to spend my days with my first When I began this adventure, I had the attitude that I don't even care if anyone listens, lol. It is just about playing music and expanding my wings perhaps into genres that were previously out of my comfort zone. In the beginning I visioned the stream to be a rock venue. But in the last few months, I have accepted that it is a ‘variety’ genre. I coined the phrase “You might call it Variety...but we say Everything that Rawks”.

Perla: So you are six months into it now, how is OnEdge doing and is it being accepted by an audience?

Colby:  Well, to my surprise we have been very well accepted. I think we appeal to a broad base of listeners by playing current pop hits and popular songs from the decades. There is something for everyone. Our listeners has grown steadily each month. In February we had 5,652 unique listeners which humbles me that people out there are enjoying what we are doing here.

Perla: Do you have any surprises coming up in the near future?

Colby: LOL. Well, if I told you that, then it wouldn't be a surprise would it? haha. But, to answer that in a single sentence... yes, there will be some very exciting announcements coming soon surrounding OnEdge Radio and our new upcoming AVPeople Magazine. Hold on to your hat!

Perla: I listen to your radio station and love the variety of music. And oh, I actually won a prize...hahahha. I like how you give out prizes to the listeners. Where do you see One Edge Radio 6 months from now?

Colby: One thing I have learned about doing business in SL is that the path a business takes is unpredictable. You kinda point it in the general direction you want to go and then let it take you for a ride. Sometimes you have to adjust its course, but ultimately the business will carve its own course. So, we’ll see. But I can say will be a fun ride. FUN...that is my new word for 2011. I am tired of stress, politics, critics and trying to please everyone. I just want to have FUN in my second life and I think we all need to remember that is why we are here. I would say to my listeners...if YOU want to have fun, come join us on and listen to our stream. Having fun...that is where I want to be now, six months from now and long after that.

Perla: Tell us something that we don't know about Colby Pevensey?

Colby: Oh my. We all have a book to write in us don’t we? I could fill many pages, that’s for sure. I guess, one thing most people don't know about me is that I grew up in Kansas. I am a farm boy raised in a family where hard work, strong moral convictions, and a sense of responsibility was ingrained into my upbringing. I would never go back to that life but thank god everyday for it. In real life, I would describe myself as an eclectic mix of biker-rocker-cowboy kind of guy. I know, far from fashion right? LOL Yeah, who would have ever thunk it. The fact is, I don't know much about fashion and have never claimed that I did. But, I can build a strong business and lead it. I loved building and selling businesses in real life and now enjoy the same activity in second life.

Perla: Ok, random question now. What is your favorite movie?

Colby: Random is right. Well, I love many movies. I love the level of talent it takes to create these adventures on film. I am genuinely entertained by most every movie I watch. I guess I would say Avatar is one of my favorites. I could list several others. A recent movie that I really enjoyed was “The Social Network”. I was enthralled with the amazing story about the creation and development of Facebook. I couldn't help but say...damn, I should have done that!

Perla: Any final departing words?

Colby: I might say I have been approached several times for an interview, and usually decline. You have always been a good friend Perla and I am a fan of your blog and your modeling. Keep up the great work you are doing. Come back in six months and we’ll talk again :))

There you have it guys and if you are interested in tuning into OnEdge Radio then log into
Where will Perla Rae be next? Well you will have to read and find out, but it will involve jewels and clothing..hahaha..Ciao fo now!!