Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deesse's Skins

Perla's back from a little break. I took some time exploring the  world from Bora Bora to Japan and then Australia. All on SL of course..Hahaha..

A friend of mine, AC Littlebird referred me to a skin store because she was so excited at the lovely natural looking skin. Of course I had to check it out for myself.

The owner  of Deesse's Skins is NatalieWells Resident and she has been designing skins since January, 2011 and opened her store in March 2011. She has a show coming up on May 27th. There will be 10 models that will wear her creations. "The show will be beautiful, there will be water, roman theme, swimwear, everything will be cool and it will inspire SUMMER."

I asked Natalie if she had anything she wanted to say to the readers and she said " I want every beautiful lady to visit my store, I am sure that they will not regret because here we have beautiful skins, limited skins, I worked very hard for making those skins and really hope that people appreciate them. We have many discounts & gifts every month.

Below I am wearing Sarah skin in Pale.

Sarah skin in Pale

Showing my backside and the skin of course!

Do I look like the girl next door?

Check out her store and I am sure you will find something that you like!

I have a few surprises in the work for my blog. Where could I be going next? Who could be the next designer I interview. Well you will have to wait and read the next installment of Where In SL is Perla Rae?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raw and Uncut

Today I was hanging out in the role play combat sims and a few people asked me about my attire. Well I decided to find out what others are wearing at combat sims too. Who would have thought it would be like twisting arms and so hard to get designer information.
Well here are some pics of "How to try and look good while kicking ass or getting ass kicked in a combat sim." Hahaha..Do you think I got my ass kicked? Let me show you my combat attire.

Full body tat in black from Silken Moon, AO is from Vista Mocap.

Hair from Violator, Amen
This is good hair to hide my poison darts
Shoulder piece, Finesmith Blackbarbie, nice sharp blades on the edges
Skin is from Silken Moon

Finesmith Droid Ring
Good for punching someone out, Also good for torture

Mary Jane shoes, Attitude boots in black
Good for kicking ass

First up is Tara Leirdlow. She is a bad ass and a damn good fighter and she refused to tell me where she got her skin. Can you believe it? She said " I don't want anyone copying my style" of course I laughed. My reply " I am sure someone in the fashion industry will recognize your skin." She disagreed and while she was busy talking I took a couple of snapshots of her.

Tara Leirdlow Do you recognize her skin?

Tara Leirdlow at Forbidden City Sim

Hmm.. she is wearing an interesting outfit. Not something that I would wear but she can kick ass...
                                                   Outfit is from Paperdoll
                                                   Hair is from Vive9
                                                   Shoes are from Baby T
Tara refused to give me any additional information on her style. If anyone recognizes her skin please leave a comment.

I left Forbidden City and went to Nor dark roleplay sim. I had to take quick snapshots as my clan, Lideric was getting ready for battle.
Abe Tristan
PennySage Tristan
Abe and Penny, leaders of the Lideric family and a deadly couple. They stood long enough for me to take quick snapshots.

                                                 Shirts were designed by PennySage

I was only able to find out that Penny designed their shirts.

Nour Savira

Cute and deadly Nour was nice enough to pose for me to take a quick snapshot.

                                                 Boots are from Red Mint

No additional information on her attire at this time.

One thing I know is not to ask a lot of people what they are wearing as some get really pissed. Unfortunately someone caught me off guard and tried to steal my shoes, jewels and cut my hair.

Sighs, Cant win them all. Perla Rae defeated!
These photos were taken at Forbidden City and Nor. These are dark role play sims.I am a bit pissed right now that  got ass kicked and  plotting revenge.

Stay tuned for more info on Where in SL is Perla Rae.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Love, Devotion, Adoration, Appreciation. Come walk with me into the shadows as we become one body and one soul. Can you handle this?

Introducing the Royal Innocence Collar and MixMatch Corset from Deliziosa Vendetta, designer extraordinaire of Gems and Kisses.

Royal Innocence

The collar comes in platinum and has a hud for resizing.

 Collar and MixMatch Corset

 Spikes embedded in the corset

Our bond is unbreakable
The MixMatch corset comes with a color changing hud to fit your mood. Are you ready for this? Please visit Gems and Kisses and I am sure you will find something to satisfy your hearts desires.



Monday, April 18, 2011

New Skin from LaCrima.."Pearl"

Hey everyone you have to check out the new skin from LaCrima named "Pearl" as in Perla..hahahahah...jk.. The skin comes in 5 different shades from pale to dark tan. In addition to the skin
you get 10 different makeups, 4 hair bases, body light, pearl shape, 10 lipstick tattoos and a dress. Wowww..Everything you need in one fat pack. Sarai Saphir, owner and designer will give you a mix and match fat pack by special order.

Below I am modeling LaCrima in dark tan..The darker the berry the sweeter the juice..hahaaha..

Please visit LaCrima and check out all of the other skins that are available..!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Introducing LoveCat Thei, owner and designer of LoveCats! Her clothes range from Neko, to fantasy or formal wear this is the place to visit!

LoveCat White Tabby Skin

White Tabby Skin (Perla goes Neko)

Perla: Hello LoveCat.
 It is my pleasure to have you as one of my designer spotlights on my blog. my blog goes out to a lot of feeds and has a high readership. Actually I have a waiting list but I love your clothe,the details and your experience.

LoveCat: Thank you so much for the huge compliment. I appreciate your taking the time to look at my shop and feature it.. it is really an honor.

Perla: What triggered you to start designing and did you have more of a Neko style in mind?

LoveCat:I actually began as a builder, and was into the neko style. I made some little odds and ends that I couldn't find for myself, boomers, ears, and tails. It started out as just for fun, but my friends pushed me to open a little store. It really took off quickly. I have always been interested in many styles, neko, fantasy and formal wear as well. I've been enjoying the opportunity to design for many different styles and genres.

Perla: How long has LoveCats been in business?
2 years ago this past February the first little shop opened. I started out with the little neko accessories, furniture and a couple of horrible outfits. I never intended to get into clothing but my customers enjoyed the few I made and pushed me to make more.. so I really changed directions. It was  a happy accident.

Perla: I often see a lot of Nekos around SL, not on regular sims but on roleplay sims. I am sure they would love this store.
If your store was in the midst of a fire and you could only grab one outfit, which outfit would you pick>
LoveCat: That would be very difficult. I think I would choose "Fallen"

Perla: Do you hire live models or have your own model group?
LoveCat:We hire models to work live in store, they become a part of the LoveCats family- we have our own model group.

Perla:Do you take custom orders?
LoveCat: I do not have the time for custom orders at this time, unfortunately.

Perla: Tell us something unique about yourself? Something off the wall.
In real life I was a vintage clothing dealer. I still have a passion for vintage and miss it a little but I enjoy immensely creating in sl. Besides clothing I love landscaping and creating immerse environments. I am really excited about the creative potential in sl.

Perla: Do  you have any upcoming shows?

Yes. We will be featured on MODA Fashion Spotlight on May 9 at 7:30 pm slt.
it can be watched at, or an archived program will be at


 Perla:  Any last words?
LoveCat: There are many exciting changes coming at LoveCats in the future. I am enjoying designing for nekos, fairies, and the average sl girl. I think we truly have something for everyone and it will only get better :)

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day talking to me LoveCat. Please visit LoveCats as I am sure you wont be disappointed.!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


On one of my many journeys  throughout Second Life one of my friends suggested that I visit Silken Moon,  a relatively new skin shop. Of course I stopped by the store and was immediately impressed with the wide variety of skin selections available. The owner of Silken Moon is Malicia Python and below is some information and a few pictures of some of her skins.

Malicia Python, Owner of Silken Moon
Perla: Hi Malicia,
It was really great discovering your store the other day and you have such a big variety of skins. Tell me what inspires you when you start a new collection?

Malicia: Hello Perla, was nice showing you around. To your question: Inspiration can be anything. Usually it is something visual that ignites an idea. Mostly, it is a look or a character I want to create. Like seeing a tartan pattern and it becomes a punk girl with an all snotty arrogant expression.
I want my skins to be emotional, not just beautiful. The creating is not always conscious, sometimes I just feel like messing around and then it flows. Looking at it later, I see what was on my mind making the skin.
Perla: What made you decide to start creating skins?

Malicia:  I got my first set of templates to see how skins are actually made, I had no idea before. Then I messed around with it. The skin was terrible - I still have it though. But I was kind of hooked as you might see. *grins*

Perla: You mentioned that the Drama Queen Skins are inspired by Elizabeth Taylor correct?

Malicia:Yes, I was surprised how much her death shocked me, thinking of it I found she was the last one of an era of Divas - and one of my face celebs. Thus, she always reminded me of my RL Mom, though my Mom was only married half as often :).
I was working on a completely different idea but somehow ended with those lush lips and thin eyebrows. when I looked at her, I thought "hi Liz". A good example of my mind flowing into my work without me knowing it. To take the sadness out of it, I went for the "Drama Queen" theme. Guess Liz would have liked it, she ordered to be 15 minutes late to her own funeral. That is style in excess.

Drama Queen Skin "I broke a nail"

Drama Queen "Nothing to Wear"

Drama Queen "Nothing to Wear"

Moon Leaf Signature Collection
Moon Rose Signature  Collection

Drama Queen " He Said, She Said"

Perla:  I noticed a lot of your skins are good for RP Sims. Do you have any favorite RP sims?. I actually go to a combat RP sim and my character is a lycan/vampire hybrid..:-)..Its good to have skins to be able to play the role.

Malicia: Unfortunately, I don't have any time for RP. I played Bloodlines when I started. But all those characters are very inspiring, I love to work out of the box. I always liked "freaky skins" but it was hard to get really good ones. Thats another thing that makes me do something, because I want to have it.
OMG, I babble, back to the sim question, it is definitely the Omega sim, I don't know what role-play is allowed there, but the buildings and texturing are stunning.

Ebony Collection

Ivory Collection

Rebel Pack, Funny Bunny

Rebel Collection -Mio Vio

Rebel Collection, Blog Frog

Perla: Have you ever featured your skins in a show or do you have plans to feature your skins in a fashion show?
Malicia: I think the only time my skins were in a show was The first Mary Jane Shoes show, Cirque de Sole. Infiniti, the owner, got the GothShas for all the models. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of my night, so I could not see it. But I been told it was a blast. I felt really honored by her choice. !Silken Moon only opened last October, so I hope, there is way more to come.

Perla: Ok this is an off the wall question. What is your favorite movie?

Malicia: ÖÖ I have such difficulties to have one favorite of anything. But I guess it would be something directed by Tim Burton.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the readers?

Malicia: Hell, thats a tough one. Maybe that one: beauty is only skin deep, always check what's under the surface. Oh my, now I want that on my tombstone and be 16 minutes late for the funeral XD.


GothshaII Elegance

Silken Moon has such an eclectic mix of skins for your every needs. Whether it is glam or roleplay, fantasy or just to have a different look then take a trip to  her shop. You wont be disappointed..!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smitten by Evolve

I am truly SMITTEN. Yes smitten with the dress from designer Reign Congrejo from Evolve. This  dress has me infatuated and I feel beautiful and sexy. The colors are vibrant. Is it possible to be in love with a dress? Well you guys will probably see me in this ensemble for about 3 days. And to top it off  I am wearing Mary Jane Shoes in Flirty Pink that are iridescent, Finesmith Nails in Rave Purple and Finesmith earrings from the O collection!!!! Oh and I must not forget the hair Eden from Vanity!!..

Please check out this dress and you might become Smitten too!!..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011