Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011

Ravishing, Energetic, Intelligent, Giving, Nice are just a few words to describe Reign Congrejo, Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011. She is one of the most articulate, driven, talented women I have ever met. I first met Reign in 2008 when I originally came to Second Life. She was the very first person to hire me in SL as her personal assistant and this is something I will never forget. (I was such a avatar was We have maintained a close friendship and we chatted a bit about her being crowned Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011.

Perla:   How does it feel to be crowned Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011?
Reign:  Well I still can't believe it. I am numb and never expected it.
Perla:   You definitely worked hard for it as you do for everything that you want
Perla:   Did you cry?
Reign:   Omg much that i created a migraine. It's true!
Perla:   Did you drink a glass of wine?
Reign:  No, I logged off early and went to bed.
Reign:  Everyone has been great and very helpful. The competition was very tough. Very challenging questions.
Perla:  What was the most challenging question?
Reign:  When I was asked if I was a good role model and to had to answer on the spot.
Perla:   Well look at how much you have achieved. You are a designer, model. deliver babies( PHD in real life), work with Avenue, Avion  Cosmetics Rep, owner of Evolve and now Miss Virtual World Costa Rica.
Reign:  I go to newbie island a lot and give stuff out.
Perla:   Yes, you hired me when I was a newbie and I learned so much from you and had a successful business for a long time.
Reign:  I only give back what was afforded to me. I want to make a difference in lives.  There are some that are abused here and sometimes just lending an ear and open heart can change one persons life forever.
Perla:  Yes, I have cried on your shoulders many times over the past couple of years. You are an inspiration to  many to never give up on their dreams. Congrats again on your win and am sure we will be hearing much more about you in the coming months.
Reign:  Thank you, now go to bed it's late for

Reign is an excellent example of what a person can achieve with determination and hard work. She encourages me and others to challenge themselves constantly and she is very down to earth. This interview made me cry a bit because of remembering all that I have accomplished since joining SL. Never give up on your goals and dreams.

Keep Smiling,
Perla Rae

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exciting, Sexy and Unique


Elegant, Classy, Sophisticated and Unique. Beeautiful diamond and silver textures. This piece is GORGEOUS. Can you believe this is one of the gifts of the hunt. I cant believe it. If you want to go glam and be a step ahead of others then please make sure you make it to Finesmith Jewelry. Not only for this beautiful necklace, but check out the other pieces of unique jewelry she has in the store. Magnificent.! Finesmith is store number 67 on the hunt list.


Hello ladies, here is a pretty sexy summer picnicdress from Snowpaw Fashions that is also a gift from the FF2 hunt. This dress is lovely and I plan to wear it when i go out dancing tonight. :-)  Store # 65

Sneak Peak 2 of the Fashion Freak Hunt

More sneak peaks of the of the gifts from the Fashion Freaks Hunt!

*evie* store # has this yummy cotton candy outfit. This outfit can be worn 4 different ways.  Also Rozena Skin store # 61. She has gifted us with the Morgan skin and shape in natural. Perfect for some time at the beach.
Please refer to the blog for FF# blog for landmarks. Happy Hunting !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sneak Peak of Items in the Fashion Freak 2 Hunt

Hello fellow hunters and fashionistas. This is going to be a great hunt and I am so excited to give you guys a sneak peak at some of the gifts from the hunt. The Fashion Freak Hunt 2 officially starts on Sept 15th and the starting point is at Shush

Knit Dress from Shush (store # 1) is sexy and form fitting. Perfect for that casual look or going out on the town with a group of friends.

Pretty Red heart face tattoo from DresseR! # 23. Also comes in black heart tattoo so sexy.

Ooh LaLa auTre # 46. This sexy boho dress makes me want to dance the night away. I think very soon I will own every dress in this store. hahahah.

This is a brief sneak peak of what you can find on this exciting hunt. More sneak peaks later as I just wanted to send out a little teaser to give you guys something to look forward to.

Remember the Fashion Freaks 2 Hunt Starts Sept. 15th and there are about 73 fabulous stores participating. Check my blog later for more pics and also check the FF2 blog

Friday, September 10, 2010

Zen-Zation- Explore Yourself

I like to explore different sims in SL and one sim that impressed me is Zen-zation. According to the sim owner, ZEN7MEN Mannonen this sim was created as a place for people to relax, explore  and chill. Also the sculptures are interactive and there is relaxing music constantly playing in the background. I tried out the interactive art and also meditated a bit and took a tour in the space capsule. This is a great place to come and explore and even bring a date to relax and dance. Definitely a place to go and check out!

Interactive Swimming

This is me hanging from one of the interactive art pieces in my favorite flower dress :-)

Big Ass Flower Mini

My GoGo dress and it is my favorite. My Flower mini from Autre that I can wear almost everyday. I love this dress so much that I wear it 2-3 days at a time. Laughs. I also like to do my GoGo dancing in this dress. Come check out the boho retro style clothing at Autre. Aurora Tremont has an artistic flare and it shows in her designs. Dont be surprised if you see me in this dress a lot.

These MooShooz Are Made For Walking

My feet have been hurting everyday from wearing heels, but fortunately I have found these comfortable MooShooz. I got these from designer and owner of JM Models, Jewel Munro a few months ago. These shoes are so comfortable and come in 10 different colors. Come and check them out and your feet will love you for it.