Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raw and Uncut

Today I was hanging out in the role play combat sims and a few people asked me about my attire. Well I decided to find out what others are wearing at combat sims too. Who would have thought it would be like twisting arms and so hard to get designer information.
Well here are some pics of "How to try and look good while kicking ass or getting ass kicked in a combat sim." Hahaha..Do you think I got my ass kicked? Let me show you my combat attire.

Full body tat in black from Silken Moon, AO is from Vista Mocap.

Hair from Violator, Amen
This is good hair to hide my poison darts
Shoulder piece, Finesmith Blackbarbie, nice sharp blades on the edges
Skin is from Silken Moon

Finesmith Droid Ring
Good for punching someone out, Also good for torture

Mary Jane shoes, Attitude boots in black
Good for kicking ass

First up is Tara Leirdlow. She is a bad ass and a damn good fighter and she refused to tell me where she got her skin. Can you believe it? She said " I don't want anyone copying my style" of course I laughed. My reply " I am sure someone in the fashion industry will recognize your skin." She disagreed and while she was busy talking I took a couple of snapshots of her.

Tara Leirdlow Do you recognize her skin?

Tara Leirdlow at Forbidden City Sim

Hmm.. she is wearing an interesting outfit. Not something that I would wear but she can kick ass...
                                                   Outfit is from Paperdoll
                                                   Hair is from Vive9
                                                   Shoes are from Baby T
Tara refused to give me any additional information on her style. If anyone recognizes her skin please leave a comment.

I left Forbidden City and went to Nor dark roleplay sim. I had to take quick snapshots as my clan, Lideric was getting ready for battle.
Abe Tristan
PennySage Tristan
Abe and Penny, leaders of the Lideric family and a deadly couple. They stood long enough for me to take quick snapshots.

                                                 Shirts were designed by PennySage

I was only able to find out that Penny designed their shirts.

Nour Savira

Cute and deadly Nour was nice enough to pose for me to take a quick snapshot.

                                                 Boots are from Red Mint

No additional information on her attire at this time.

One thing I know is not to ask a lot of people what they are wearing as some get really pissed. Unfortunately someone caught me off guard and tried to steal my shoes, jewels and cut my hair.

Sighs, Cant win them all. Perla Rae defeated!
These photos were taken at Forbidden City and Nor. These are dark role play sims.I am a bit pissed right now that  got ass kicked and  plotting revenge.



Stay tuned for more info on Where in SL is Perla Rae.


  1. Funny perspective! Keep up the good work Perla!

  2. ahahahahahha dying .. love love love it ...