Friday, January 27, 2012

Catching up with Tres Beau!

I have not posted anything on my blog for a long time, but the opportunity arose for me to chat with Kimmera and Nave from Tres Beau. What a great way to start off 2012!

What has Kimmera been up to the past few months?

Kim:  Oh, about 5'9" without heels, hehehe. OK, seriously, December was the fabulous Miss Virtual World events and Finale, and of course there were the holidays. Outside of that I have been building a new store, preparing for the Relay for Life Fashion Fair and the upcoming Festival of Sin, a festival of fashion based on the 7 deadly sins. Also in the works are the upcoming Womenstuff and Runway Perfect hunts, and sponsoring some lovely ladies in upcoming pageants....and in my free time (coughs)...playing some BYNGO, I'm sort of hooked, I blame Frolic Mills.
Dana outfit from Tres Beau
November outfit from Tres Beau(This outfit is kick-ass,reminds me of Cleopatra Jones..Love It!)
Photo taken at Lake Tahoe in SL

Dana outfit from Tres Beau

Do you have  special plans  for Valentines  day?

Kim: OOOH yes, some lovely new goodies and a new group gift! On a personal note, nothing planned yet...  I just hope whatever ends up happening involves chocolate. (Hope you got that Nave)

How is life with Nave Fall?
Kim:  Nave who? hehehe... Living with Nave is an endless life of laughter. He's my best friend, my major comedy relief, devoted supporter and a man I admire immensely and love deeply. I am a very lucky Lady :)

Anything special you want to say? 
Kim:  CLICK IT! if you play BYNGO, you'll understand that...sorry, that was a sudden outburst....Actually, I'd like to say come see the new store, it should be finished and opened by February 1st!  We have two new contests coming, so stay tuned and lastly....JOIN MY GROUP!  you will be happy you did!

How have you been Nave?
Nave:  Nave Fall's SLife is very good.  I have good friends to enjoy it with and the time to take advantage of that.
Have you been staying out of trouble?

Nave:  I've ceased being the angry, snarky, voice of SL fashion reason, if that's what you're asking. So I get in less trouble and Kim gets complained to less about my behavior.
Zhivago from Tres Beau

Nave, do you have anything special to say?  Anything controversial?

Nave:  I think that there is going to be a shake out in the modeling agency realm. It's an expensive, and frustrating, hobby for most owners and without a business model that generates a profit they will abandon it to the larger, more successful ones.

Hmm, interesting. Let's see if Nave's prediction is correct. In the meantime, Check out Tres Beau and if you are lucky you might spot Kim and Nave!

*Special Note*
For anyone outside of SL that reads this blog and comments on real photos not being used it is as simple as this..
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