Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Visit To Halcali

I was talking to Blossoms Sweetwater the other day and she told me about this great place named SGB Resort Mall. Of course I had to teleport over to the mall as I like to explore new places. I stepped into a shop named Halcali and it was love at first site! Immediately, I had to talk to the owner and designer, icco Halcali, and here is our conversation below.

Perla: How long have you been designing in SL?
icco:   I've been running my business for one and half years.
Perla: What inspired you when designing the puff sleeve dress?
icco:   I wanted to make a spring dress that is why I started design outfits.  The point is  a big flower  motif and sorbet color for Halcali design.

Perla:  Do you have any special events or fashion shows planned soon?
icco:    I joined Men's Fashion Week event this month. MFW is a big event so I get nervous. However, I do not have show at moment.. My dream is Someday, I want to do Halcali solo show .

Halcali Striped Tweed  Jacket, Leather Skirt and Net Leggins

Perla:  Anything else you would like to add?
icco:    Halcali concept is mature- cute. the image is a lady who has an inner fortitude and do not forget cute side. I make men's wear,too. this image is girls fall in love with a man who is in Halcali's wear.

Thank you icco!
She has several stores located throughout SL and her designs are unique. Check out Halcali at a location near you!

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